Business Continuity And Emergency Response Services


Our firms are in the unique position to assist you in your planning efforts. We offer training and strategic planning as you begin your planning efforts. We offer Business Continuity Plan mentoring throughout the planning process. When the Plan is completed we can assist with testing, auditing and implementation.

Business Continuity Plan Development

We can assist you in creating a Business Continuity Plan to suit your specific requirements. Our planners are certified professionals by the Disaster Recovery Institute International.


Our specialists are certified as International Instructors by the Disaster Recovery Institute and have years of experience. We offer training and motivational presentations from high-level executive level briefings introducing Business Continuity Planning to training seminars for all those who will be contributing to your Continuity Plan and those serving on Recovery Teams.

Conferences Trainings & Events:


“Business/Government & Community Continuity from A to Z” Seminar


 Do your continuity of operations plans consider future trends and requirements?

Total continuity will be required in the future. We need to improve the emergency response and business continuity/recovery capabilities of our organizations. We should encourage all businesses/critical service providers, government agencies and our communities to be ready for future disasters, whether fires, storms, earthquakes, terrorist attacks or pandemics. When entire communities don't recovery quickly, it can result in loss of jobs, tax base, critical services and lead to lawlessness/anarchy and a lower quality of life.

This practical, “how to” course with numerous applications and examples is scheduled for Oklahoma City, Nov 16-18. For information, subjects and registration, go to

Business Continuity From A-Z Seminar; Government Continuity of Operations (COOP) Training

 We offer one and two day fast-paced training seminars designed for those who will be contributing to developing your plans and those who will be serving on your recovery teams. The seminars includes hundreds of real life pictures and examples, to demonstrate key concepts.

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Intrusion Detection Training

Total Continuity of Operations: Network Intrusion Detection and Defense

This three-day course will provides a solid ground in the core issues related to Intrusion Detection Systems. Attendees will learn about the different types of intrusion detection systems, how they operate, how they should be managed, how and where they should be deployed. There will daily hands-on exercises and the opportunity to deploy a basic Intrusion Detection System and then test both defensive and attacking techniques.


Our consultants work with your BC planning team to assist and direct them in developing, improving and completing Emergency Response and Business Continuity plans.


We provide a thorough audit of your Business Continuity Plan to ensure compliance with the 10 Professional Practices. We can provide suggestions to help improve your plan.

Vendor / Supplier Auditing

We also provide a service to audit your critical vendor's plans. Your ability to conduct business is limited by your outsource, service and supply vendor's capabilities in a disaster situation. This includes computer processing, communications, network and other service providers' capabilities to provide you processing and connectivity with your customers and suppliers. Many organizations fail to ensure their critical vendors are able to maintain or quickly restore services during an emergency of after an interruption or disaster.

Risk Assessment

It is much better to eliminate a potential disaster than to have to suffer through an expensive recovery. Our specialists perform a detailed risk assessment of your operations. They thoroughly check your facility to include; offices, equipment and storage rooms. They examine building diagrams and blueprints and physically inspect the roof, basement, adjacent buildings, generators, and other vital facility components. You will receive detailed documentation regarding risks as well as suggested mitigation solutions. The Risk Analysis also includes geographic location vulnerabilities and proximity hazard identification that are of critical importance to your facility, operations and personnel.

Ask about our quick condensed Risk Assessment Analysis that saves you time and funds.

Business Impact Analysis

An organization needs to determine the cost and impact of interruptions to operations, services, customers, the organization and employees. We work with your functional managers to determine the impact of an interruption or disaster in relation to the cost of an interruption or outage over time. This information is essential for your organization to determine functional recovery priorities, the recovery time objective and to develop the most effective recovery strategies. This will also help justify a sufficient budget for the Business Continuity planning process.

Emergency Response Plan Development

Despite all of the planning and training an organization invests in developing a continuity plan, the actions taken immediately following a disaster are critical to the recovery of the organization. The recovery effort will fail if the employees are not trained in responding to an emergency situation. An effective Emergency Response Plan will contribute to personnel safety, facility integrity and protection of organizational information, equipment and other assets.

Emergency Procedure Development

We can develop detailed emergency procedures for handling bomb threats, fires, severe weather, workplace violence, and other emergencies.

Emergency Response Training, Personal and Family Disaster Recovery Planning

We also offer emergency response training for employees as well as personal disaster recovery planning. This is a concrete way to show your employees you really care about them and to improve their availability to assist in organizational recovery after the disaster.

Awareness Presentations and Training

BGCS also offers executive management and staff presentations and training sessions for organizations based on our personal experiences with disasters, the lessons learned and the compelling reasons for Business Continuity Planning. This provides training for your personnel, heightens awareness and may also qualify for your annual safety and security training.

Topics Include:

  • "Developing and Improving Business/Government Continuity of Operations" (2 days)

  • “Business/Government Continuity of Operations from A to Z” (7.5 hrs)

(The below presentations are offered in 1.5-3.0 hour versions)

  • “The Compelling Case for Business/Government Continuity Planning”

  • “Improving BC & ER Plans with Lessons Learned from Major Disasters”

  • “How To Improve Emergency Response and Business Recovery Capabilities”

  • “Home and Personal Disaster Recovery Planning”

  • “Sabotage/Terrorism Threats, Avoidance Principles and Recovery”

  • “Planning Actions to Prepare for Pandemic and Terrorist Conditions”

  • “Character in the Workplace to Improve Services, Relationships and to Minimize Disasters and Workplace Violence”