What Happens When Disaster Strikes?

Business & Government Continuity Services offers a wide range of services and training to help organizations prevent disasters (when possible) and to effectively recover to minimize impacts on the organization, employees, customers, stakeholders and all those served. Our objective is to help business and government organizations improve emergency response and continuity of operations capabilities to improve organizational sustainability and survivability in times of increasing natural and man-made threats.

The principal consultants have real world - ground zero experience in responding to the largest Air Force Fire in History, Oklahoma City Federal building Bombing, the World's most destructive tornado and the September 11 terrorist attack.

We offer a unique methodology of preparing your business or government agency to prevent and recover from disasters or serious disruptions. We also assist your organization in developing and implementing business continuity or continuity of operations plans.


What is Business Continuity Planning?


Business Continuity Planning is the process of determining and implementing procedures to ensure that a business or organization is able to quickly recover from disasters and major disruptions. The goal of Business Continuity Planning is to reduce the impact of a disaster outage or interruption to an acceptable level.

The Disaster Recovery Institute International recommends utilizing the 10 Professional Practices of Business Continuity. These best practices are the most widely accepted worldwide business continuity standards.


Why should our organization develop a Business/Mission Continuity Plan?


Officers, Executives and managers of a company are morally and ethically bound to make decisions and plans that will insure the business or government agency continues to operate and serve customers and service recipients. Many companies and most government organizations are required by law to develop continuity and contingency plans. Executive Management is responsible for the survivability and sustainability of the organization.

Business and Government Continuity Services provides a wide selection of services and options to assist you in improving organizational continuity of operations. BGCS would consider it a privilege to serve your organization


Current Information Regarding the war on terrorism


The terrorism threat to the United States remains significant and should be considered in corporate, government and family continuity planning. Many knowledgeable leaders are concerned we are overdue for additional terrorist attacks. Unfortunately, we are less proactive and vigilant and are therefore more vulnerable to attacks.

BGCS continues to be involved in anti-terrorism efforts and in assisting clients in sabotage and terrorism avoidance training and initiatives. The principal instructor and consultant is a member of InfraGard, a partnership with the FBI, private sector and other organizations to protect our national critical infrastructure. We provide training related to protecting critical infrastructure and include sabotage and terrorism avoidance in our risk assessments.