Useful Links

We suggest that you gather as much information as possible to improve your plans. Below are lists of related organizations and trade magazines.

Click Here to View a List of all 50 states Emergency Management Offices.

American Red Cross:

Canadian Center for Emergency Preparedness

Center for Disease Control

Contingency Insights

Contingency Planning Magazine

Department of Homeland Security

Disaster Recovery Institute

Offers the premier world certification program for business continuity professionals.

Disaster Recovery Journal

Free magazine subscription (required reading for business continuity and emergency management professionals).

Sample Disaster Recovery Plans and other valuable tools

Disaster Resource Guide

Free Annual guide listing resources for disaster recovery, business continuity, educational articles.


Minimum Disaster Supplies Checklist

ESRI/FEMA Custom Hazards Map

Type in your location and view hazards in your area. (Flood plains, historic tornados earthquakes etc.)

Guidelines for workers following a disaster

Don’t wait until after a disaster or a shooting to plan your response.


Very accurate current national weather information.

Current severe weather information


International Association of Emergency Managers

National Center For Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

National Domestic Preparedness Office

The clearinghouse for state, local and federal weapons of mass destruction information and assistance.

Natural Hazards Center, University of Colorado

They have an excellent newsletter to subscribe to (free).

NOAA information on Natural Hazards

Simpler Life Emergency Provisions

One stop shopping for emergency preparedness, medical and family supplies.

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